Favorite uses for LED light bulbs

Favorite uses for LED light bulbs

We get emails and phone calls all the time asking us the best places to use LED light bulbs. Here is a list of some of the places we think LED bulbs are especially useful:

  1. Lamps: Lamps are a great place to use LED light bulbs. The lamp shade will help deflect the light trumping the directness of LED lights. Plus when the lamp gets knocked over, your bulb will survive the crash.

  2. Bathroom: Most likely the most used light switch in the house will be the bathroom light switch. Incandescent and CFL light bulbs don't like being turned on and off very often. This is why an LED light bulb is the perfect solution for your bathroom lighting needs. Line up a few bulbs in your vanity and fill the can lights with LED bulbs as well. It will take years before you have to worry about changing out the bulbs again!

  3. Motion Lights: A lot of homes and business have motion sensors on their outdoor lights. They turn on and off when someone walks by or drives by and even when the wind blows! Not only will a LED light bulb save energy in this situation, it will take the abuse of being turned on and off all the time!

  4. Always On: This happens mostly in businesses, where there is a safety light on all the time. The fastest way to recoup the cost of a LED light bulb is to have it turned on all the time! This makes LED bulbs the perfect solution for those lighting applications that are turned on all the time!

  5. Mood Lighting: Mood lighting tends to be hidden in tight places making them a pain to change when they burn out. LED light bulbs have a super long life making them the perfect replacement for those tough to reach places!

  6. Kid and Pet Proof: Not only do LED light bulbs last a really long time, they also are made out of plastic instead of glass. That makes them the perfect light bulb in areas where kids and pets play. You never have to worry about little Jonny smashing the basements lights while playing ping pong! Plus LED bulbs don't release mercury when they are broken!

  7. Landscape Lighting: Not only are landscape lights on all night, they also are prone to getting kicked around and stomped on. By changing your landscape light bulbs to LED light bulbs you will save energy and save the hassle of changing broken bulbs!

  8. Galleries: Art galleries always have spot lights focused on their displays. Why not use a LED light bulb to light up the next Mona Lisa? LED par lights are very focused, cool running and UV free light sources.

  9. Display Cases: LED light bulbs are perfect for display cases for your home or store. They emit hardly any damaging UV light and the cool running bulb won't burn your hand or melt you products!

  10. Hobbyist Lights: If you are a stamp collector a LED bulbs is for you! A cool white LED light bulb will show off the true beauty of your collection. They are also very cool running so they won't damage your precious collection.

  11. Garage Door Openers: Also known as light bulb destroyers, garage door openers are very tough on light bulbs due to their vibrating nature. By using LED light bulbs in your opener you may never have to change the bulbs again! LED's are very good at taking a beating from vibrating sources.

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